Jess Price Memorial Park


Situated at the heart of Main Street, Jess Price Memorial Park stands as a testament to Westcliffe's rich heritage and communal spirit. We've listened, and we understand the park's importance. That's why we’re thrilled to announce some delightful improvements on the horizon:


1.     Optimized Paver Configuration: A redesigned layout will facilitate efficient foot traffic movement, addressing previous congestion concerns.

2.     Landscaped Floral Installations: More flower beds are being added, promising vibrant colors that change with the seasons.

3.     Gazebo Addition: This new structure aims to provide a serene space for reflection, relaxation, and community interactions.

4.     Tree Plantation: The northern end will have additional trees being planted, expect more shade and an enhanced natural ambiance.

5.     Expanded Seating Arrangements: We're making sure everyone has a place to sit, chat, and enjoy the outdoors with more seating arrangements.


But our dedication doesn't stop at the park's boundaries. We recognize the need for open communication with our residents. As we spruce up our public spaces, we're also ramping up our efforts to connect with you, our valued community members. Expect more avenues for feedback, opportunities for involvement, and a town administration that's eager to listen.


As we proceed with the rejuvenation of Jess Price Memorial Park, please note that adjustments may be made. We are dedicated to ensuring the best for our community, and changes might be introduced based on feasibility, budget, and feedback. Stay tuned to this page for timely updates on any revisions.


This initiative isn't just about upgrades—it's about creating a shared vision for Westcliffe's future. We're excited, and we invite you to join us on this journey, as we collectively shape the story of our town.




Enhancing Jess Price Memorial Park: A Work in Progress


As we diligently map out our vision for Jess Price Memorial Park, we're excited to share the latest updates with you. Our commitment is to enhance its beauty and functionality for everyone in Westcliffe. We kindly request your patience and understanding during this transformative phase. Our aspiration is to craft a space that resonates with community pride and offers even greater value and enjoyment for all. Stay tuned for further updates and we will update them below. Thank you for being a vital part of this journey.

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Honoring Jess Price: The Heartfelt Legacy of Westcliffe's Cherished Mayor


Jess Price, the beloved mayor of Westcliffe from 2002 until his passing on Nov. 15, 2009, left an indelible mark on our community. Many remember his heartwarming tradition of calling residents on their birthdays to extend warm wishes. Beyond his dedication as mayor, Jess was known for his willingness to lend a helping hand, his successful drywall business, and the renowned Jess Price BBQ that locals adored. In renaming the park after him, the board aimed to celebrate his legacy and recognize the profound significance he held for our community and his family.