Business Licensing


Business Licenses are required in the Town of Westcliffe to operate within the Town. It shall be unlawful for any person or legal entity to engage in the business of selling tangible property at retail or engage in providing commercial services within the incorporated Town without first having obtained a license issued by the Town.  The annual fee is $40.00.

Renewals are due by January 1 of each year. If not, paid by February 15th, the fee shall be $25.00. For more Information please see Title 4, Chapter 1 Sales Tax in the Town Municipal Code. Please submit your fees to the Town Hall at 1000 Main Street, PO Box 406 Westcliffe, CO. 81252. For more information call 719-783-2282.


Westcliffe Sales Tax

All businesses that sell retail merchandise or provide taxable services are required to obtain a State of Colorado sales tax license prior to applying for a Town of Westcliffe Business License.  Sales of tangible personal property for delivery to a destination within the Town limits by the vendor or agent for the vendor are also taxable irrespective of the physical location of the vendor's place of business.  The Colorado Department of Revenue collects the sales tax on behalf of the Town of Westcliffe.  Information on registering with the State of Colorado can be found at www.colorado.gov/cbe/ .  Use the Colorado Business Express website.

Westcliffe Sales Tax - 3%

Retail sales inside the Town limits are taxed at a rate of:

7.9%, comprised of:
Colorado State tax 2.90%
Custer County tax 2.00%
Town of Westcliffe tax 3.00 %