Westcliffe Snow Removal Information

Roads are plowed based on the following prioritization criteria:


Arterial Roadways

Arterial roadways are major roadways that provide for high traffic volumes over medium to long distances. Arterial roadways are used for inter-regional, inter-county travel needs.

Collector Roadways

Collectors distribute traffic between arterial and local roads, serve as main connectors within subdivision and link one subdivision with another. Collectors generally do not provide direct access to private property.

Local Roadways

Local roads provide for low to medium traffic volumes within county/towns maintained subdivisions and provide direct access to residences or private property.


Property Owners, who create hazards in a public right-of-way

Property owners, who create hazards in a public right-of-way, e.g., plowing snow off private drives, piling construction materials or timber, or placing garbage bins, may be subject to prosecution under C.R.S. 43-5-301. A property owner may also be liable for any injury attributable to a hazard or the removal of hazards/he has created in a public right-of-way. Vehicle owners and property owners in a public right-of-way are likewise subject to prosecution and vehicle impoundment.