Westcliffe Municipal Code

Listing of Ordinances: 

This gives a chronological listing of the ordinances amending the Town of Westcliffe Municipal Code, including the disposition of each ordinance.

Municipal Code

Municipal Code

Title 10 Land Use Code

Chapter 1 - Administration

Chapter 2 - Zoning Regulations

  • Zone District &, Map
  • Zone District Use Schedule
  • Zone District Regulation
    Zoning Map-Contact Building Official
Chapter 3 - Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 4 - Supplementary Regulations
  • Signs
  • Parking
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Dedications of Public Sites and Open Spaces
  • Maintenance of Structure &, Site Plans
  • Fencing
Chapter 5 - Vested Property Rights

Westcliffe Zoning Map
Appendix A Westcliffe Fee Schedule
Table of Zoning Map Amendments