Master Plan

The Town of Westcliffe Master Plan (please contact our office at 719-783-2282, ext., 10 or 11 for a copy) is prepared in accordance with state statutes that authorize the Town of Westcliffe Planning Commission to develop a master plan for its physical development, per C.R.S. 31-23-207. The purpose of the Town of Westcliffe Master Plan is "guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the municipality and its environs."

More specifically, the Master Plan also serves the following purposes:

  • To respond to community issues regarding recent growth impacts and to recognize the public\'s desire to influence future community development activity,
  • To shape development in harmony with the natural characteristics of the land, the capabilities of public services and facilities, and the existing built environment,
  • To provide a policy foundation for updating zoning, subdivision, and related ordinances within the Town of Westcliffe\'s Land Use Code,
  • To establish a basis for preparing a capital improvement program,
  • To address matters of regional concern that require inter-jurisdictional coordination, and
  • To serve as a community database and be used as supporting documentation for pursing grants for community development activities.