Professional Line Striping in Westcliffe: A Task Reserved for Public Works.

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For Safe & Standardized Roads Town of Westcliffe Entrusts Only Public Works Department with Line Striping

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WESTCLIFFE, CO – October 24, 2023 - The Town of Westcliffe would like to inform residents about the proper procedures for line striping within the public right of way. Line striping, essential for clear vehicular movement and the safety of pedestrians, is a service that can only be carried out by the Town's Public Works Department.

An Important Reminder for Residents: 

We urge all residents and businesses that are in need of line striping or have related concerns, to please do not take action independently. Instead, we kindly request that you reach out directly to the Town Manager. This ensures that the process adheres to our standards and remains consistent throughout the town.

The consistency and correctness of our road markings are crucial for everyone's safety and the flow of traffic. For the safety, clarity, and uniformity of our roads, it's important that only the designated Town personnel manage these services.


If you require line striping services or have any related questions, please contact Caleb Patterson, Town Manager, directly at or 719-783-2282. Your cooperation ensures our community remains safe and orderly.




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