Main Street (200 Block) Line Striping Completed: A Note on Parking Regulations

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Westcliffe's Main Street Enhanced: New Line Striping Aims to Boost Safety and Parking Precision

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WESTCLIFFE, CO – October 12, 2023 - The Town of Westcliffe is pleased to announce the successful completion of the line striping project on the 200 block of Main Street. This enhancement was initiated to improve overall traffic safety, ensure fluid vehicle movement, and delineate clear parking boundaries for all users.


An Important Reminder for Motorists:

With the newly-painted lines, coupled with the road's distinct steep angle, it should now be easier and more intuitive for drivers to park within the boundaries. However, we would like to emphasize the importance of parking vehicles entirely within these lines.


Parking Enforcement Notice:

Vehicles found protruding beyond the marked spaces risk receiving a ticket. Ensuring that vehicles are parked correctly is crucial for the safety of our pedestrians, the efficiency of traffic, and the general aesthetic of our town.

We genuinely appreciate the community's understanding and cooperation during this project's duration and urge everyone to observe the newly marked lines while parking.



For more information, please reach out to Caleb Patterson, Town Manager, at or  719-783-2282.

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